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Crystal Caltrops

I'll mess with the damage of Amefyst myself. I added Crystal Caltrops png and anim files, they're 16x16 x 6 frames. Let me know where you'll be determining their damage. Would be good if they could deal more damage at levels 2 and 3.

At level 1, casting Amefyst should create a Crystal Caltrop both on the left and right side of the monster.

At level 2, casting Amefyst should create Crystal Caltrops both on the left and right side of the monster, and his back.

At level 3, casting Amefyst should create Crystal Caltrops at all four adjacent tiles, as well as 1 to 3 extra ones placed at random in the Wizard's view.

Crystal Caltrops should last 10 turns.

They should deal (2 * Level) to (4 * Level) damage when a monster initially steps on them, and immobilize them for 1 turn.

I'd like it if monsters actually had to STEP on the tile for them to activate - meaning, if I cast the spell and spikes appear under existing monsters, they aren't stunned. They have to walk onto the tile for them to activate.

Crystal Caltrops do not affect the fairy at all, she should be entirely immune to them.

As always let me know if you've any questions!

Core Game Re-balancing

  • Maps should no longer get larger as the game goes on.
  • Aggro should be improved, meaning, monsters should be more aggressive when they see you. This is important because when the mob sees you, if half of the mob wanders off it breaks the effect.
  • There will be 12 levels in the game. Character levels, and dungeon levels. We plan for ONE character level's worth of experience per dungeon level. This game is about tactics, not about grinding.
  • There are now "Mobs" which are tightly-packed groups of units which will not move until they see the player. Also, there are "Stragglers" which are usually single units which respawn VERY SLOWLY on the map (WAY slower than current respawn).


(Note: Mobs are listed in order of rarity - first that's written is the MOST COMMON.) (Note: An asterisk means that only ONE can spawn (max - there could also be 0) PER LEVEL.)

  • Bandit Hole 1

Mob 1: 2 Bandits

Mob 2: 3 Rats

Mob 3: 3 Bandits

Mob 4: 1 Gingerbread*

Stragglers: Rat

  • Bandit Hole 2

Mob 1: 2 Gypsy, 2 Blue Rats

Mob 2: 2 Gypsy, 2 Beetles

Mob 3: 3 Bats

Mob 4: 1 Evil Rat

Stragglers: Gypsy, Blue Rat

  • Bandit Hole 3

Mob 1: 2 Black Bandit, 1 Sniper

Mob 2: 3 Assassin

Mob 3: 1 Robot*

Mob 4: 1 Evil Rat

Stragglers: Black Bandit, Assassin


  • Dungeon 1

Mob 1: 3 Skeletons, Necromancer

Mob 2: 3 Skeletons, Skeleton Archer

Mob 3: 3 Ghost Beetle

Mob 4: 1 Skeleton Robot*

Mob 5: Stone Kitten*

Stragglers: Skeleton

  • Dungeon 2

Mob 1: 2 Skybabies, 2 Zombies

Mob 2: 2 Skeleton Archers, Necromancer

Mob 3: 3 Vampire Bats

Mob 3: 1 Skeleton Robot*

Mob 4: Stone Kitten*

Stragglers: Jaundice Baby, Unseeable

  • Dungeon 3

Mob 1: 1 Knight, 2 Ghosts

Mob 2: 2 Knights

Mob 3: 5 Vampire Bats

Mob 4: 3 Skybabies

Mob 5: Stone Kitten*

Stragglers: Jaundice Baby, Unseeable

Hell Monster Roles

Vandella - Caster - Casts Confuse

Bully - Melee and Range, throws the Dodge Ball.

Bone Demon - Special Melee, two-tile range attack.

Mini Satan - Melee, lights player on fire, leaves fire trail

Candy Clown - Summons Gummi Rats

Flour - Caster, heals monsters and sprinkles you with flour, softening you.

Satan's Bodyguard - Range, summons others.

Succubus - Permanent HP drain, -1 max HP on cast at Melee range.

Head - Range, shoots through stuff

Doom Devil - Super-powerful Melee.

Gummi Rat GREEN - Poisons

Gummi Rat RED - Huge HP and

Gummi Rat BLUE - Drains Mana with attacks


  • Hell 1

Mob 1: 2 Bully, 1 Vandella

Mob 2: 3 Bone Demons, 1 Flour

Mob 3: 1 Mini Satan

Mob 4: 1 Gingerbread*

Stragglers: Vandella, Bone Demon

  • Hell 2

Mob 1: 1 Candy Clown, 1 Succubus, 1 Bone Demon, 1 Flour

Mob 2: 2 Mini Satan, 1 Succubus

Mob 3: 5 Bone Demons

Mob 4: 1 Gingerbread*

Stragglers: Candy Clown, Flour

  • Hell 3

Mob 1: 2 Satan's Bodyguard

Mob 2: 2 Head, 2 Succubus

Mob 3: 2 Doom Devils (Mini Satans recolored Blue)

Stragglers: Satan's Bodyguard, Succubus

Monster Changes

  • Doom Devil - Blue recolor of Mini Satan that doesnt leave the fire tiles but is stats wise the toughest monster in the game.
  • Jaundice Baby - New monster, recolor of Skybaby who has CRAP stats, but explodes massively when killed. Either don't kill him, or kill him at a distance.
  • Necromancer - This monster is a re-color of the Dark Pope's Acolytes. He summons both types of Skeleton, but has no attack of his own.
  • Zombie - This monster throws his meat-chunks at you, with a % chance to poison you for a few turns.
  • Skybaby - Remove poison, add knock-back
  • Skeletons (all types) - Decrease HP/Damage significantly, since there will be more of them.

Satan Tweaks

Other Changes

Prefab Level-Bits

Improved Monster Spawn

Less monsters overall in a level, but they are more closely packed together in mobs. Perhaps they do not move until you see them.

Larger Player Mana Pool

We won't have to increase mana regen as much as we talked about Wes, since there wont be a monster every 3 steps. But a slightly larger mana pool for both classes would be good I think.

Easy Mode

I think we're OK with just two modes: Easy and Normal, for now. Later we can consider adding a Hard Mode. But we should make Easy Mode

New Tutorial

We'll have a huge influx of new players, and there are currently some things which aren't immediately clear to players.

We should have a much more thorough tutorial, that is optional (you can turn it off entirely). I believe we already have this switch.

Tutorial Elements

Many screens will have a TUTORIAL box above them if you have Tutorial Mode selected. Here's the new first screen IF you have Tutorial ON.


If Tutorial is OFF then you will not see this, you simply go to the skills menu.

On all of the menu tabs, there should start one of your beautiful tooltips containing basic Tutorial information about what you're on. So when you first go to the skills tab, it shows (if you have Tutorial ON):


And likewise for the other three tabs.

When you get your first character level, it should pop up another box, quite like the tutorialbox1, except with a message more like:

"Congratulations! You've got your first Character Level! You're stronger now, and you can choose a new Skill!

In 100 Rogues, as you play, you're always consuming Food. If you run out, you die of hunger (you can check how your Belly is doing in the MENU). Usually, getting a level is a good signal that you should start moving towards the level exit. Onward, Rogue!"

Also we definitely will need a loading screen tip that says "You can turn tutorial mode OFF in the Options menu."


TODO: Keith Edit this section! But main point: Make it clear that this is a good phone-game.


I say we should have a SALE right when 1.1 comes out, for 99 cents, and then sell the game for 1.99 from then on out. We will make a killing.