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A few monsters have special abilities. They are all listed here and explained in detail.

Monster Special Abilities

Fireball - Launches a projectile and explodes with one target, damaging it on impact.

Owned By: Genie, Gypsy, Satan

Effects: 4-8 MAGIC damage

Energy Cost: 8

Unholy Flame - Hits all tiles in the room, in a circle moving outward from Satan. Each tile has a 70% chance to be hit. Uses a modified HOLY FLAME graphic. Will kill the vampire bats.

Owned By: Satan

Effects: 50 MAGIC damage

Energy Cost: 12

Soften Bolt - A direct damage spell, with no projectile. Deals damage and gives the target SOFTENED buff.

Owned By: Ghostie

Effects: 8 MAGIC damage

Energy Cost: 8


Owned By: Rats

Effects: Passive, has a 30% chance to give the target POISON buff on successful attack.

Knockback NEW

Owned By: Skybaby, Satan

Effects: 25% of attacks knock the player back 1-3 tiles. 1-5 tiles for Satan.


Owned By: Knight

Effects: Passive, has a 25% chance to lose a turn.


Owned By: Knight

Effects: Passive, has a 25% chance to stun the opponent (make him lose a turn) on successful attack.

Acid Spit

Owned By: Golden Beetle

Effects: Gives the player Acid

Devil Bite

Owned By: Vampire Bat

Effects: Returns damage dealt (in full) to Satan as healing.


Humbled - This monster is not aggroed to the player. Not stackable.

Confused - This monster is aggroed to another monster, or unaggroed. Not stackable.

Poisoned - You lose 1 HP every other turn. Not stackable.

Stunned - Cannot move or do anything. Loses the turn. Not stackable.

Hymnal - Reflects projectile attacks. Not stackable.

Softened - ARMOR is reduced by 10. Not stackable.

Acid - ARMOR is reduced by 1. Stackable.

Blind - Accuracy is reduced to 30%