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This is a little sketchpad I put together to work out the pros and cons of adding DEXTERITY into 100 Rogues. It's something you'd expect in most RPGs, but I figured it was something that we could go without since we're going for a more streamlined approach. I still think it could probably go without it, but it's worth considering, anyway.

On another note, for implementing the Dinoman(slow) and Skellyman(fast), it'd be really great to include Dexterity, because speed is really the key thing that sets these classes apart from the starting two (who are both average).

How it would Work

Dexterity would affect many things, the biggest of which would be accuracy with weapons, movement speed, and EVADE.

What we would effectively have to do is split up the turns into much smaller units of "time". Like say that each game turn is 100 "ticks". Every action you could do has a base Tick-cost, and then that's modified by your dexterity. Sometimes monsters or the player can get extra moves if they come in under 100 twice in a turn. Here's an illustration:

Bob, level 1 Crusader

Say he has 15 Dexterity (a bit less than average, which would be like 20).

Has a Sword equipped, which costs 110 ticks to attack with. (Average speed).

So the equation to find out how many ticks an attack would cost, would be 100 - Dex.

Whereas here's a Skellyman with a Dagger

30 Dexterity, Dagger equipped (90 Ticks)

So that'd be 60 ticks. She would get two attacks every other turn. If she leveled up even more she could get two attacks every turn.


Evade would be calculated by Dexterity. Also however, different armors have different Evade Modifiers. Evade could never pass 30.

Plate: -30 Evade

Chain: -18 Evade

Leather: -10 Evade

Cloth: -5 Evade

So a character with 30 Dexterity wearing Leather would have 20 Evade.


Moving on average takes 100 ticks. Dexterity modifies this.

Here's an article about how time can be managed in a good way in roguelikes:

Other possible features

Weight. Weapons and armor that's equipped could have a penalty to dexterity based on its weight. This is a much more 'whole' approach than just having the -5 to Evade that we have now.

Benefits to the Game =

  • A very clear, definite way to separate the Dinoman and Skellyman classes from each other and the existing classes
  • Huge amount of monster variance becomes possible
  • Huge amount of skill variance becomes possible
  • Armor and equipment variance is more possible
  • Essentially, just makes the game way deeper


  • May be confusing for players. It's one more stat, but it involves relationships with several other things (accuracy, evade, movespeed). All we'd really be adding though is move speed.
  • Implementation time/cost