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One of the things that will hopefully make 100 Rogues stand out will be constant support in the form of not only TONS and TONS of balancing, but also new additions to the game. I have been playing a lot of Roguelikes, RPGs, and strategy games to get ideas for what some of these could be. I really want 100 Rogues to be something that can be played 10, 15 years from now, and some of these systems and content will be necessary to give it that longevity.

New Systems

Identification/Cursed Items

This is a trope in roguelikes and one that I like a lot. Diablo uses it very well, as does Shiren. I highly recommend we put in Identification - cursed items are good too. Check Curses section for examples.


These are a set of "skills", although they are not on the skill tree, and are not racial. All avatars have this (and possibly all monsters, too). Examples of these skills could be:

  • Unarmed - This (and the five below it) manipulate your effectiveness with said item, just like Weapon Focus. Levels up from using the weapon more.
  • Daggers
  • Swords
  • Axes
  • Wands
  • Bows
  • Throwing - Increases your chance to hit, and damage when throwing items. Levels up from throwing.
  • Dodging - Increases your EVADE. Levels up from having opponents miss you while wearing Leather or Cloth.
  • Lore - Chance to automatically ID items as you find them
  • Belly - Rate at which you metabolize food

Note that the first 6 would indeed cancel out the Crusader's "Weapon Focus", which I would like to replace with some sort of anti undead (Turn Undead?) skill.

These would not only help us make the classes differ more from each other, but also increase the difference between your current Crusader and your LAST Crusader.


Traps aren't my favorite thing in roguelikes, but I'll agree they do add a bit of PITFALL to the equation, which is useful. Some of them present fun challenges, too.

One example of a really cool trap is a hole that you randomly see. It asks you "You find a dark little passage, will you enter?" If you say yes, you are put inside a little 5x5 box full of random treasure and monsters.


The Warehouse lets you store some items. It only appears at the very beginning of the game, though. You put things in it by giving it to a MESSENGER type NPC, or perhaps some other means. This creates some interactivity between games.


Mutations are permanent stat, ability, or other characteristic changes that can happen to a character. Some traps may cause mutations that can make a character get a new ability instead of an old one, reverse his HP and MP, or change him into a monster.

New Worlds & Monsters

Minotaurs. LOTS of minotaurs.


Underwater is a must as World 3. We have many ideas for this already in the DD.


Hell is a must as World 4. We have many ideas for this already in the DD.


This can be a level 2.5 before the Underwater level. Have some hilarious ideas for this. Given to me by a kid at the Art Center.


The Moon is 100 Rogues "Deep Diving" solution. You take a spaceship from Satan's Hideout which takes you to an infinitely looping MOON level, full of MOON RATS and MOON BANDITS.


This can be a level 3.5, right before Hell. This will be really stupid and somewhat offensive, but also iconic and maybe one of the coolest most fun looking levels.

New Items


  • (works well with ID system in place)
  • Staff of Healing (1-15 charges)
  • Staff of Teleport
  • Staff of Trade Places
  • Staff of Knockback
  • Staff of Fireball
  • Staff (no power)

Food Items

  • Various effects beyond just restoring food
  • Corpse-eating mechanic

More Potions

  • (note this works well with IDENTIFY system in place, making it unknown what potions are what each new game)
  • Permanent Stat Boost potion
  • Exploding Potion
  • Poison Potion


  • (works well with ID system in place)
  • Class-Ability spell (Holy Fires, Magic Crystals)
  • Map reveal spell
  • Trap reveal spell

New Armors/Weapons/Accessories

  • Claw weapon (two attacks)
  • Polearm weapon (can attack 2 tiles away)
  • One-and-a-half handed weapons (Bastard sword, mace) - weapons that get a bonus for being weilded with two hands but also can be wielded with one hand
  • Laser / Tech weapons (piercing shot)

New Game Features

New Classes


The Alien would play VERY differently from all the others. He would not be able to equip any weapons other than his laser, but his laser would gain new abilities with him whenever he gained a level. Also, he would have the ability to alien tools from various items. Perhaps he can turn gold into something useful, etc.



  • Messenger

The Messenger is stolen right from Shinen. You can give him items that will return to the Warehouse next game.

  • Healer

The Healer is basically a walking healing fountain, but you have to talk to him to get his healing. Also he could maybe give the Crusader a cool item if the Crusader has FAITH.

  • Fighter

The Fighter, once he sees you, starts killing monsters, stealing your valuable XP, but maybe clearing out monsters you wouldn't be able to kill. Generally you want to kill this guy but he's pretty tough.

  • Homeless Blacksmith

The Homeless Blacksmith will improve and repair your weapon for food.