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Okay! So we gotta pick some fonts here, boys!

What do we NEED?

I figure we need:

  • a large menu font, as will be seen on the title screen. Also can be announcements like "level up!" etc.
  • a small detail font - something to write information about weapons and items, numbers on the health bar, etc.

We also need a medium type, for dialogues and possibly info-page headings. This needs to be highly readable. I would suggest that this be one of the aforementioned fonts, just made smaller or larger, because I think three fonts, plus a logo, is one font too many.

Obviously these fonts should work well together.

Large Font

I have selected 5 fonts from hundreds and hundreds I've looked over today. There are two basic directions we can go - an old-school arcadey look, or a fun, rounded sort of look.

(btw, this is not the final logo. It's something blake drew up recently. I like some elements of it and I think we'll go in a direction similar to this, but I suggest different colors and a slightly less PArrrRRty!!! font. We're workin on it!)


Personally, I'm leaning towards Gil Sans. I also think it looks good with the Small Font I like, too.

Small Font

Here's the font I like. It's a bitmap font, like silkscreen, but it's more inviting I think.


Keith's Suggestion!

I suggest that we use Gil Sans for big fonts, also a smaller, less bold version of Gil Sans for the medium text, and finally, ceriph fonts for the very small.

Blake's Suggestion!

Blake things Gil Sans looks cheap. I guess I could see where he's coming from. He liked PixAntiqua and Header best.


So far the consensus seems to be that people like PixAntiqua the best. I'm going to take it into a font editor if I can and tweak some weird aspects of it. Any objections?