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Here are my short little list of requests for the UI, in order of their importance to me:

Number 1 - We don't need to take up so much room for status effects. You'll RARELY have more than one, we don't need 8 slots for them, and they don't deserve a big-ass illustrative "STATUS" text. I suggest highly that we just put them in the name text box as I have shown here.

Number 2 - Larger map / Centered map title. I'd really like "Bandit Hole 1" to be centered. This can be done by making the mana bar smaller which I think is fine. Also I would take the "map" scroll image you have, sorta flatten it out so that it looks good with text over it, and offset it off a little kinda like i have here, and put the actual map NAME on there.

Number 3 - this one I'm not as sure of, because there isnt as much of a logical reason for it, but I like the health bars being against the left side of the screen, I feel like it makes them more easy to read. But I also do think it looks weird with the text being in different spots, so you might just wanna ignore that and keep it the way you have it.