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Quabbus' Item Shop

- 75% black overlay

- Three to six items generate at random

- Tooltips appear over the box, like with inventory screen, showing price

- Boxes appear normal if you can afford the item, but are red if you cannot

- You can only buy one item at a time

- Items do not respawn at an item shop, but each levels item shop has new stuff

- Buy button should slowly highlight when an affordable item is selected

- Buy button should become EXIT when an un-affordable item is selected or if nothing is selected

- Quote box should pull from a list of quotes

- Using the item shop at ALL takes a turn.

- Quabbus should slide in from the left, and bounce into place. After that, the buttons, text, and item-box, should fade in, and at the same time the top-panel, with a random Quabbus quote, should slide in.

- Exiting can just fade all elements out

Item Generation

First one food item is generated (Rotten Food, Gingerbread, or Roasted Food). Then the rest are generated.

With Quabbus, all items are equally common, but the very rare ones are just super expensive.

Rocks aren't sold.