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At the time of this writing, the leveling up process is not good. The major problem with it is the fact that it rips the player out of gameplay without his consent. Here I will describe a better alternative method.


  • When you deliver the killing blow that gets you your level, you hear a "ding" sound (on the PP as Level Up! (Sound Effect).mp3), and the phrase "LEVEL UP!" will float out of your character.
  • At this time, your portrait will begin to glow a bit (This can be done by overlaying the new file I just uploaded, "hud-portrait-bg-whitefader.png", and fading it from zero alpha to 100%).
  • A small box next to the portrait which normally contains your current level (see Level Box section of this page) now contains "+1!" instead of your level.
  • The level up box will now only come up when you click on the portrait. When it comes up, then the stage music cuts, the level up fanfare plays, and then the bandit hole music would continue playing from where it left off. Even better would be if the bandithole music could fade back in after the fanfare is done playing.


This is pretty simple - it's just that I added a little area on the top right of the Portrait that shows the character's current level, which should be in Silkscreen (8 pt) black. I have a test image of it up now, I think silkscreen is fine for this purpose. When you have got a level, this will show a "+1!" instead of your current level, perhaps in red or a color other than black.