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Here are some logos, loosely based on Blake's latest concept, with a stainedglass window and text in front of it. He also has the leather-bag icon, which I think is great, but may not fit into the logo. Either way, it would be a great game-icon. Keep in mind none of this is final, touched up, illustrated, etc. Also, it's all vectory right now so it can be resized easily.

1. Here's one idea. This is the first one that I put together.


2. Also, the background circle could be matte, like this. Either way, would be probably texturized at least lightly.


3. Adding a place-holder bag image in. Could be nice. Feels a bit off-center to me which I don't like as much. Needs tweaking.


4. Centered


5. Again trying to add the bag image in. Would be really cool if we could illustrate the bag so that it looks like it's resting ON the letters.


6. another approach to the bag.


7. I think this one is super tasteful and simple. I've uploaded a PNG of this for Wes to throw into the game (it's at least better than looking at that white plain font for now). I'd like to go with this one personally (but of course illustrate it and touch it up.)


8. Here's a capital letters one inspired by mr. George Morgan! I like it a lot, and agree that the dropping lowercase G was a bit weird.



What do you fellas think? Favorites? etc?