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Monster Spawn Info

Each monster has a Mob Count, which details how many of each monster will be spawned in a room of a type. These monsters are spawned with the level's construction, and once they are dead they never return. However, monsters also occasionally randomly spawn just outside your field of view, so that even once you've killed all the monsters, they still spawn slowly, but just not in packs like they originally were.


There are 2 basic types of monster behaviors. Aggressive, and Defensive. Some monsters have additional behavioral rules, such as FLOUR.

Aggressive monsters are more simple - they just run at you and attack with everything they've got.

Defensive monsters act the same, but if you get within 3 tiles of them, they have a 50% chance to run away from you per turn.


Bandithole Character - Should be mostly easy, but introduce players to most of the types of challenges they'll meet, so somewhat balanced.

  • Rat (Aggressive) - Easiest monster in the game, only seen on the first level, does minimal damage, but is found in large groups.
  • Bandit (Aggressive) - Average melee monster who can Backstab.
  • Rat of Conceit (Aggressive) - More powerful Rat monster, who can poison and has considerably more HP.
  • Gypsy (Defensive) - Introduction to fighting magical monsters who attack from a range. Has Fireball, a basic magic attack. Also has MISFORTUNE which causes your movement directions to be randomized.
  • Assassin (Aggressive) - When they see you, and are more than 3 tiles from you, they teleport between you and the closest door (to try and surround you).
  • Sniper (Defensive) - High damage, low HP, ranged attacks w/bow.
  • Bat (Aggressive) - Flying monster, harder to hit with melee.
  • Robot (Aggressive) - Has a grenade launcher with terrible accuracy. Grenades do splash damage. Also has a Melee attack hits the enemy with the stock of the gun. Grenades do not hit the player (nor can they ever MISS!) but the explosion (which always occurs) can be dodged. Has 3 grenades, and is the only aggressive ranged monster (as in he'll never back away from you).
  • Golden Beetle (Aggressive) - Relatively low HP, summoned by the Genie. Has an additive buff spell called Acid which reduces your armor by 1 for 10 turns.
  • Spider (Aggressive) - the Spider is a very small 10x10 size monster that does 1-2 damage with a short range (2 tile range) attack. This ranged attack has a 25% chance to stun you for 1 turn. It has extremely low hit points and can be killed simply by walking over it and squishing it.



Dungeon Character - Marked by some high-armor opponents like Ghosts and Knights, as well as undead monsters.

  • Skeleton (Aggressive) - Regular monster
  • Skeleton Archer (Defensive) - Ranged Monster
  • Skybaby (Aggressive) - Has Knockback.
  • Ghost (Aggressive) - Has tons of armor, can really only be hurt by magic. Cannot attack, instead has the ability Soften Bolt.
  • Knight (Aggressive) - high armor, high damage. Has two abilities. one which just makes him have a 25% chance to idle on any given turn (ChanceToIdle) and one (StunningAttacks) which lets him stun you 10% of his successful attacks.
  • Vampire Bat (Aggressive) - air
  • Flour (Defensive) - this Sack man heals nearby monsters by sprinkling flour on them. He also has a devastating melee attack, but his higher priority is to heal other monsters. So a good strategy is to use AOE on him and another monster. He will keep healing the monster and you can kill him while he's doing it. His attack is a kitchen-knife stab.
  • Boss: The Dark Pope - This takes place in a room with a hologram of the Pope's upper half in the middle, very large. The object is to kill the Pope who has about 600 HP. There are four magic-immune acolytes who are channeling a shield around the Pope. This shield gives the pope ARMOR and RESISTANCE. Each acolyte provides 25% of each, so when all four are alive, the pope takes 0 damage from anything (except Godly damage, of course!). As acolytes are killed, the shield reduces visually in thickness (new graphics) and the pope can be damaged more. Every few turns, the Pope can summon monsters (Ghosts and Knights) from the left and right sides of the screen, including sometimes, more acolytes if one is missing. One strategy would be to net a monster on the tile an acolyte needs to be on so that the Pope cannot bring that acolyte back.


  • Fish - This is the regular monster that spawns in mobs (or schools!). weak
  • Mermaid - Has a "confuse" ability which causes your movement to be screwy for several turns. Weak HP/ST.
  • Cucumber - Tons of HP, Armor, good damage and can confuse you. Can not move while in the player's vision but will chase you while right outside of it.
  • Shark - more powerful Fish who can crit. If you have problems with finding a reliable essay service that offers assistance not only with creating essays but term and research paper writing as well, I highly recommend you to visit BestWritingService.Com.
  • Scuba Head - Recolor of Ninja Head / Head monsters.
  • Water Alien - Recolor of Alien from Moon.
  • Pliosaur - About twice as powerful as you can deal with, but also 8 tiles (2x4)huge, so it cannot enter hallways. Will not aggro to the Dinoman.
  • Submarine* - looks like "Yellow Submarine" type submarine. Fires torpedoes that move one tile per turn, and explode, dealing splash damage.

BOSS: Bog Man - The boss stage is set up quite a bit like Pac Man except more simple. The entire map is covered in Bog, which you can clear out permanently by walking through. Bogman cannot walk on de-bogged tiles, so you have to cover the whole map before Bogman, who is twice as strong as you, catches you. In the middle of the map there is a fountain. Random fish can appear.


Candy Clown (+ 3 rats) Succubus + Lilith Satan's Bodyguards Head Bully Hell Demon Bone Demon

Level 1:

Bone Demon Vandella Bully Zombie (ranged)

Level 2:

Hell Demon Head Bone Demon Bully Candy Clown

Level 3:

Candy Clown Satan's Bodyguard Hell Demon Head Succubus



  • GENIE - Bandit Hole Boss

The Genie has two forms, Genie Form and Lamp Form. Normally he is in genie form. After 10 turns, he has a 20% chance every turn to go into Lamp Form. Lamp Form lasts for 8 turns and then expires. The genie has two sets of health, one for each form. The genie has lots of health but no armor(DR), while the lamp has less health and lots of DR. While in Genie form, the genie can simply shoot fireballs. While in Lamp form, the genie heals himself every turn and can summon Gold Beetles. Once the lamp's health is removed, he returns permanently to genie form and all summons are destroyed. So the player is forced to decide whether to focus on the genie form or on the lamp form, while fighting off summons at the same time.

The genie occupies four tiles, three across and one above the middle (his head area).

Gold beetles that are summoned have a 50% chance to drop GOLD when they die. This gold should all disappear once the battle is over, so that you need to grab it DURING the battle if you're to get it.

Fireballs deal 6-12 damage.

Death Sequence:

Upon landing the killing blow, the music stops, and the genie will freeze in his hurt animation, and explosions will begin to play all over his body. Then the screen will begin to fade to white. After going completely white for a few seconds, it fades back down to normal, and the genie is gone. Control is still not given to the player, and after a moment, Blake's "dead genie" song begins to play, and a text box pops up that says "Congrats! You've killed the fabled Golden Genie! Bonus Experience:" It would be really great if a number counted up from zero to the 500 or whatever experience right under that text, centered. There's an OK or whatever button at the bottom once it's done tallying, you click it, and you return. Chances are, you'll have gotten a level, so the Level Up! Emote will play just like normal right when that box clears. (would be best if it didnt happen until this moment, so that the player doesnt miss it).

  • THE DARK POPE - Dungeon Boss

The Dark Pope says "I'm afraid I can't let you interfere with the prophecy. Crack my Pope Shield - if you can!"

He starts with four acolytes surrounding him on four buttons. When the acos are on these buttons they do a "channeling" animation. The pope's shield gets 25% of its strength from each of these four acolytes, so killing one would reduce his shield to 75%. His shield blocks a percentage of Physical and Magical damage. Every few turns, doors open up on either side of the room and release an assortment of monsters, including new acolytes IF there are less than four acolytes alive currently. Acolytes have no attack and simply try to walk to the closest available button-tile to stand on it.

  • SATAN - Hell boss

Satan has 1000 hp. He has two attacks, Unholy Flame and a melee attack. There are also two telepads that spawn Vampire Bats.

Unholy Flame hits 70% of the tiles in the room, starting out with him and fanning out in a circle increasing in size. It deals 50 magical damage. He can cast it every turn.

His melee attack deals 30-50 damage and knocks you back to the back of the room.

Vampire Bats deal 10-20 damage, and any health they take from you is restored to Satan. Two are spawned every turn (if the telepads are free), but they are damaged (and therefore killed) by unholy flame if hit by it.

Monster AI ideas

Most monsters who spawn will be roaming about randomly, but some monsters (such as bosses) will be stationary and must be aggroed.

We can even have some monsters possibly tied to various items like keys and treasure chests, who won't attack you unless you open the chest.