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RESTING is a very important part of the game, and passes a bunch of turns quickly, exchanging food for health and mana. A really great player will have to rest rarely as they know how to avoid taking too much damage too often. A not so good player will actually run out of food more often from having to rest often.

Resting can only be executed if the following are true:

  • There are no monsters on the screen (More preferably, none visible to the player, i.e., it's OK if there's one beyond a wall)
  • You aren't poisoned or starving
  • Your health and mana aren't both full

Resting is accomplished by:

  • Holding down the SKIP button for two seconds

Resting should function like this (for now):

  • Fade out the screen to black (but keep the HUD layer above the black) and put text in the middle that says "Resting...". Then simply trade food for mana/health at the correct exchange rate, with a small % chance to spawn a monster nearby (like maybe one space away from you) and wake you up. Also if we have any in-game turn-counter, we should add these pseudo-turns to that as well.

You will be woken when your HEALTH fills up, a monster spawns nearby, or when you reach any of the food warning-levels.