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Skellyman Scoundrel


Pickpocket - 1 Level / 4 Energy. Melee-range spell that has a 30(+Character Level * 4) chance to produce a randomly created item (just like a treasure chest from that level). Can only be attempted once per monster.

Smoke-Bomb - 1 Level / 8 Energy. Spawns "smoke-clouds" on every tile inside a 3x3 square shape mask of tiles. Can be cast anywhere within the Skellyman's view. The smoke last 6 turns. Any creature inside the smoke 40 point bonus to Evade and loses 40 points of Accuracy. The smoke should reduce in visibility (alpha) every turn, but on the last frame it should flash on-off quickly so that players know it's about to disappear next turn. Monsters who are inside the smoke have a 25% chance every turn to become Confused while they are inside the smoke, but once the smoke is gone the debuff should be too.

Leap Attack - 3 Level / 5 Energy. A melee-range spell. The Skellyman jumps over a monster and does an attack. This attack can be a Backstab if the enemy was facing the skellyman when she cast it. The spell does not take up a turn.

Critical Up - 3 Levels / Passive. Increases chance to deal a critical hit by (3 * Level). This also applies to chance to Backstab.

Skelly Vengeance - 1 Level / 0 Energy. Creates a Backstab Counter on the game screen. When you use the ability it performs a special melee attack that deals more damage based on your char level and the number of backstabs. The max backstabs are 3. This ability does not require a melee weapon to be equipped, as she pulls the dagger out of her skull to use it (it's a bit like Whack of Glory).

Marksmanship - 1 Level - Works with Bows, Throwing Knives and Daggers (when thrown). Gives the Skellyman the ability to pierce through targets (50% chance per target), as well as pin targets to walls (50% chance to immobilize them for 2-5 turns) if they are adjacent to one. Also increases her accuracy with the bow and ALL throwing by 40 points (makes it so that you actually can shoot people inside smokebombs).

Evade Up - 1 Level - Gives the Skellyman a permanent 10% bonus to Evade.

Blood Buff - When the Skellyman causes blood to fly from an enemy (via crits or just normal attacks), she recovers 5 HP.


Poison Immunity - Skellymen cannot be poisoned, everyone knows that.

Rotten Food Eater - The Scoundrel does not take the penalty from Rotten Food - she actually gains 2 HP from eating it.

Human Crusader


Branch 1: Searing Blade > Weapon Focus > Heavy Armaments

Branch 2: Whack of Glory > Martyrin' and Holy Flames

Branch 3: Faith > Heal

[Active]Holy Fires - EP:8 - 3 Levels - Hits four adjacent tiles, deals damage to each target. It's significantly better, the more targets it hits (the more surrounded you are).

Public Description: "A close-range area-of effect magical attack that is best used when surrounded. Deals (_ACTUALNUMBER_ * Number of Targets) damage to each target."

[Active]Healing - EP:12 - 3 Levels - Heals you. Once the healing gets to MAX HEALTH, any additional healing beyond MAX HEALTH is multiplied by (L * .2) (maxiumum this number can be is .6).

Public Description: "Heals _ACTUALNUMBER_ HP. Higher levels get better at healing past Maximum EP."

[Active]Searing Blade - EP:8, CD:0 - 3 Levels - Shoots a magic sword in an area-of-effect line. Deals (L*8) damage and gives enemies the SOFTEN buff (40) for 4+(L*2) turns.

Public Description: "A long range magic attack that also reduces enemy armor. Deals _ACTUALNUMBER damage and gives a SOFTEN buff for _ACTUALNUMBER_ turns."

[Active]Martyrin' - EP: 10 - 1 Level - Increases your Defense by 30% and your crit % increases by (Missing HP% - 20), for 8 turns.

[Active]Whack of Glory - EP:8, CD:0, F:0 - 3 Level - Target one adjacent monster. Summons a spirit-hammer, dealing (STR*(L * 4)) GODLY damage and knocking the enemy back 0-2 + L spaces. If the enemy is unable to get knocked back, i.e. there is a wall or monster behind them, then the damage is doubled. Instantly kills Undead monsters. REPLACES HUMBLE. Alternate name Bop of Glory? Spirit Hammer?

Heavy Armaments - 1 Level - Enables use of some heavy weapons and armor (axes, chainmail, platemail, some shields and other equipment).

Public Description: "Enables the use of heavy weapons and armor such as axes and platemail. +1 Total ARMOR and reduces chance to Fizzle."

Faith - 1 Level - When below (50 + (L*2))% hp, God will sometimes (8+(L*2))% chance per turn) smite opponents for 100 damage (excluding bosses). When below (30 + (L*2))% hp, god will sometimes ((10+(L*2))% chance per turn) heal you to full.

Public Description: "Putting points into this will increase the chance that maybe God will help the Crusader out from time to time."

Weapon Focus - 3 Levels - When picked, gives you a 10 point increase in Aptitude with the currently equipped weapon-type.

Public Description: "Increases the Crusader's aptitude with the currently equipped weapon type."

Fairy Wizard

[Active]Purify- EP: 10 - 3 Levels - Removes all debuffs, and heals for (L*2) HP per turn for 15 turns.

[Active]Amafist - EP: 10 - 3 Levels - Deals (Max EP * L) in damage and stuns the target for a random number (between L and L*2) of turns. Additionally, will stun a random number (between L and L*2) surrounding monsters for the same amount of time.

[Active]Crystal Ball - EP: 12 - 1 Level - Summons a giant ball of crystal in front of you (or as close to that tile as possible). The ball will follow you if he becomes > 3 tiles away from you, or attack monsters for ((L * 2) + 10) damage as well as causing between 1 and L tiles knockback. Will only knockback characters if it makes them farther away from the fairy. (It is trying to get them away from her).

Public Description: "The Crystal Ball is the only one who understands you, and will bludgeon any monsters who come near. Deals _ACTUALNUMBER_ damage, has _ACTUALNUMBER_ armor, and sticks around for 20 turns."

The crystal ball has the fairy's MaxMP in HP.

The crystal ball has 50+ (L*5) ARMOR and 0 EVADE.

The crystal ball will stay for 20 turns.

[Active]Teleport - EP: 4 - 1 Level - Teleports the user to a selected spot on the screen. Has a 5 percent chance to teleport the fairy to a completely random spot in the dungeon. Bonus: Would also be really cool if it had like a 2% chance to scramble the items in your inventory and turn them into rocks and .

Public Description: "Allows the Wizard to move via teleporation. Careful, distorting space-time can have strange effects!"

[Active]Magic Crystals - EP: 14 - 1 Level - hits a 3x3 shape (9 tiles) for max EP * 2 in damage. 15% of them will be red, dealing double that.

Public Description: "The ultimate area-of-effect damage spell. Slams a 3x3 area for _ACTUALNUMBER_ damage, with some Red Crystals dealing double damage."

[Active]Confuse - EP:10 - 1 Level - Target a monster. This monster will target another nearby monster at random and move to it and attack it. The effect lasts for EP / 2 turns. If there are no monsters to target, the monster stays targeting you.

Public Description: "Trick an adjacent monster into working for you for awhile. Lasts _ACTUALNUMBER_ turns.

Fairy Blessing - 3 Levels(max) - Allows you to die once and be revived with full health and mana. You can put several points into this skill, and dying takes a point away, as well as subtracting 30% of your remaining Belly.

Public Description: "Gives you an extra life, should you be defeated. Takes up some food, however!"

Aura Siphon - 3 Levels - Any kills performed with a melee weapon yield (20 + (L*8))% the creature's max HP as mana.

Public Description: "Use a melee weapon to steal mana from the enemy as you kill them. Yields _ACTUALNUMBER_% of the enemy's max HP.

Dinoman Bruiser

Note: This has been updated December 2011. Dinoman abilities all have one level.

The Dinoman has lots of Health and Strength. He cannot wear armor, but he can always wield heavy weapons such as axes and hammers. He starts with 75 max belly instead of 100. He also takes 20% more damage from Magical attacks. Many of his abilities cost belly, but he can eat items and monsters (when in Dinosaur form) to get belly.

Stats: He should have more STR AND HP (especially HP) than any other class. However, he should have crap EP. I'd like it if he started with 8 energy and this only crawled up, maybe to 12 by the end of the game.

Branch 1 - Food oriented

  • Power Chew - Can consume ANY item for a small amount of belly (Sell value / 4). Eating weapons increase strength by .1, but reduce current HP by 1/4. Eating armor increases max health by 5.
    • [Active]Scales - 8 Mana, 8 Belly - Incoming physical damage is reduced by X. X starts as 5. Each time you are hit by anything you have a 65% chance for X to reduce by 1. When X reaches 0, you lose the Harden status.
      • [Active]Dinosaur Mode - 8 Mana, 8 Belly - Become a Dinosaur for 15 turns. Transformation takes a full turn. You have 300% health(full), 200% Strength. You cannot use items or equipment, and you cannot use abilities. Your bite attack has a 5% chance to critical (dealing 4x damage). If the critical attack kills, you gain 20 Belly and the game says, "Eaten!" Transforming back takes a full turn.

Branch 2 - AOE Fightin'

  • Cleaving Attack - 20% of your attack damage is dealt to enemies who are adjacent to the enemy under attack. This works with Charge damage as well.
    • [Active]Charge - 8 Mana - Choose a cardinal direction to run. You will run 6 tiles in that direction or until you hit a wall, all inside one turn. If you hit a monster, you deal your normal attack damage * (TilesRan-1). You continue through monsters, displacing them as you go (preferably to a perpendicular direction). If you hit a wall, you take 2*TilesRan Damage.
    • Adrenaline - Chaining monster kills grants you HP. If you kill two monsters in two turns, you get 1 HP. If you kill two monsters in one turn, you get 2 HP. If you kill 3 monsters in one turn, 3 HP, and so on.

Branch 3 - Singular Fightin'

  • Super Punch - unarmed attacks have a +10% increased chance to critical. Criticals knock enemies back 1 to 5 tiles. They also have a 10% chance to stun for a turn.
    • [Active]Throw - 8 Mana - Pick up an adjacent monster and hurl him at another monster. Deals Monster_Hurled_HP damage to the monster who is hit. Monster that is hit is displaced one tile backward if possible, or another direction if not. If there's nowhere for him to go, he is instantly killed.


Concept: Avoid direct combat at all costs, and you might earn enough pity to make it through.

[Basic Attack] Punch - Deals practically no damage

[Active]Power Walk - (1/2 total EP) For 20 turns, each movement gesture attempts to move the player 2 squares instead of 1.

[Active]Ambassador - (1/3 total EP): Crystal Ball, only with Satan's Bodyguards, caps at 1 skill point

[Active]Blend In - (3/4 total EP): replaces your sprite with a random monster's from the level, and places you on the monster's team for 20 turns

[Active]Camera - (1/4 total EP): Blinds all monsters in a cone in front of the player, confusing for 5 turns

Deprecated: [Active, Instant]Far Sight - (1/8 total EP, instant): Momentarily Turns Fog off and pans camera offscreen 12 tiles, then returns camera to player

[Active] Ask for Directions - (1/4 total EP, instant): You politely persuade a monster to help you find your way. An adjacent, smart Monster is confused and strength boosted for 10 turns.

[Passive]Cartography - maps are fully revealed at the start of each level

[Passive] Iron Stomach - Anything can be eaten for 10 belly and 10 health

[Passive] Hawaiian Shirt - +20 Armor

[Passive] Friendly Shopper - Prices at Quabbus' shop are halved

[Racial] Resourceful - Thrown items have an extra 10 accuracy and deal 1.5x damage


Concept: Freight train: slow to move, but you can usually plow through anything in your way

[Basic Attack] Sword

[Active] Stomp - (1/3 total EP) The knight crouches, leaps up, and crashes back down, dealing moderate damage and knocking back targets in close burst.

[Active] Wall of Swords - (1/3 total EP): Two spinning Searing Blades swords circle the Knight, dealing damage to adjacent enemies each turn for 10 turns

[Passive] Reflective Armor - (3/4 total EP): The Knight is given a permanent chance to reflect incoming projectiles

[Active] Jump - (1/2 total EP): Allows the Knight to make a chess-knight jump

[Active] Improved Regeneration - (1/3 total EP) Health regenerates slightly faster for 20 turns

[Passive] Intimidation - Monsters in a short range receive a 10% accuracy debuff

[Passive] Iron Stomach - Damage received from the front reduced by 50%

[Passive] Stunning attack - Melee attack has 25% chance to stun for 1 turn

[Passive] Monumental Protection - Each adjacent enemy in excess of 1 grants the Knight 10% armor and Magic Resistance

[Racial] Colossal Armor - The Knight passes a turn after each round in which he moves. 30 Armor and Resistance


Concept: Guerrilla warrior. Make them come to you, and hit them where it hurts

[Basic Attack] Dagger - Cannot backstab

[Active] Bear Trap - (1/3 total EP) Sets a bear trap on the ground that slows, DoTs

[Active] Wrangle - (1/3 total EP): Target is pulled to an adjacent square, or until it is obstructed

[Active] Shakedown - (1/4 total EP): Debuffs armor, even on miss.

[Active] Build Fort - (1/3 total EP) Erects a physical barrier that can be knocked down after taking enough damage.

[Passive] Eviscerate - Chance to backstab for 3x damage, side-stab for 2x damage

[Passive] Reduced Threat - A small percentage of monsters will not aggro onto the Bandit.

[Passive] HP+ - Amount is added for bigger health

[Passive] STR+ - Adds strength by something


Concept: Plan for chaos.

[Basic Attack] Fireball - Requires no energy

[Active] Gold Fireball - (1/3 total EP) Explodes into several fire tiles.

[Passive] Dark Pact - When the Gypsy is low on health, monsters around her may spontaneously combust, receiving both the Fire debuff and a fire tile underneath them

[Active] Teleswap - (1/3 total EP): Swaps Gypsy with target monster.

[Active] Alchemy - (3/4 EP): Uses some simple rules to change one item into another. Potions become other potions, etc. New items will never be branded.

[Active] Weaken - (1/3 total EP) Target accuracy, armor and resistance sharply falls

[Active] Regen Zone - (1/2 total EP) Creates a 3x3 zone around the Gypsy that lasts 3 turns. All actors in the zone regain 20% max health each turn they end in the zone.

[Passive] Energy+ - Adds extra energies

[Active] Fire Cage - (1/6 total EP) adds fire tile under target. Immobilizes target.


Concept: Taking big risks yields big payoffs, but reversals of fortune are devastating.

[Basic Attack] Dagger - Can backstab

[Active] Smoke Bomb - (1/3 total EP) Two levels, same as Scoundrel's.

[Active] Teleport - (1/3 total EP): Only allowed to teleport behind an opponent

[Passive] Invigorating Violence - (3/4 total EP): Blood Bask, returns energy instead of health

[Active] Craft Potion - (1/2 total EP): Creates a lesser form of health potion. Has a chance to backfire, silently creating a potion that reduces max HP, poisons, etc.

[Active] Focus Ki - (1/3 total EP) Temporarily boosts strength and energy a significant amount

[Active] Leaping Kick - (0 EP) The Assassin flies across the stage and deals a devastating kick to a target. Can only be used once per floor.

[Passive] Defiance - Beneath 20% health, accuracy and damage begin to climb rapidly

[Passive] Evade+ - Evasion boosted


Concept: Killing is one of many ways to prevent foes from getting close.

[Basic Attack] Bow - Requires no ammo

[Passive] Marksman - Same as Scoundrel's, except no accuracy boost

[Active] Trick Arrow - (1/8 total EP): Nets an opponent for 3 turns

[Active] Lethal Arrow - (1/4 total EP): Deals moderate damage, and 3 ongoing damage each turn for 3 turns

[Active] Oil slick Arrow - (1/2 total EP): Fills an area with Oil Tiles. Oil tiles effectively stun for one turn (stunned actors play death animation for a frame, as long as death != explode). Oil Tiles disappear when also occupied by Fire Tiles, and Fire Tiles spread across oil tiles

[Active] Fire Arrow - (1/2 total EP) Adds Fire debuff to an target, and creates a fire tile underneath it.

[Active] Kinetic Blast Arrow - (1/3 total EP) Explodes 1 turn after impact. Deals minor AoE damage and knocks all targets in short range away from the blast.

[Active] Proxy Mine - (1/4 total EP) Explodes when anything comes within one square. Deals minor AoE damage. Creates Fire Tile lasting 1 turn.

[Passive] Evade+ - Evading is improved

[Passive] Accuracy+ - Accuracy becomes more so


Concept: Run away before everything explodes

[Basic Attack] Smack - Requires no ammo

[Passive] Launch Rocket - (1/3 total EP): Launches a rocket which slowly moves towards target tile, exploding after 2-4 turns, depending on distance from target. Damage increases with Magic Resistance

[Active] Robo-bomb - (1/3 total EP): Crystal ball recolor. Aggroes onto nearby target and explodes after three turns. Damage improves with Robot magic resistance

[Active] Net Launcher - (1/4 total EP): Throws a net at the target, immobilizing 1-3 turns

[Active] Morph Ball form - (0 total EP): Toggle between Robot appearance and gray recolor of Crystal Ball. While in Ball form, no attacks may be made, but armor improves by 30 and energy regeneration quickens

[Passive] Oil Transfuse - Same as Scoundrel Blood Bask

[Active] Throw Grenade - (1/3 total EP) Equivalent to throwing an energy potion

[Passive] STR+ - Strength becomes bigger

[Passive] Improved Logic - Adds to the magic resistance

[Passive] Backup Copy - As long as the player has more than 5 maximum HP, he can resurrect. Each resurrection reduces max health by 1/2

Deprecated [Passive] Accuracy+ - Accuracy becomes more so

[Racial] Clarke's Law - Skill damage is enhanced by magic Resistance


Concept: Severely low HP, negative natural magic resistance. Lots of AoE / DoT. Strategy: Avoid getting hit long enough for auras to clear the field

[Basic Attack] Purple Fireball - Reduces magic resistance instead of armor

[Active] Ghost - (2/3 total EP): For 20 turns, the Ghost can walk through walls. Line of sight limitations apply to skills in both directions.

[Active] Purify - (2/3 total EP): Same as Fairy's purify

[Active] Teleswap - (1/4 total EP): The Ghost swaps places with the target

[Passive] Numyn - Severe debuff to magic resistance to all monsters within 2 tiles of the Ghost

[Active] Ether Explode - (1/2 total EP) Similar to Holy Fires, but extends one tile further and deals more damage at the edge of the AoE, and damage does not improve with the number of targets.

[Passive] Mind Flay - Minor DoT to all enemies at a range of two tiles. Monsters around you occasionally become confused.

[Passive] EP+ - Energy grows up

[Active] Geist - (1/3 total EP) The Ghost charges the tiles outlining a circle around her, returning to her starting tile. Enemies caught in the middle take mild damage and reduced accuracy.

[Active] Illusion - (1/3 total EP) Crystal Ball reskin, caps at 1 point. Creates a second ghost.


Concept: Starts the game with 500 HP, but can only regain health with potions. Some skills cost health to use.

[Basic Attack] Swipe - Basic Melee attack

[Active] Throw guts - (5 health) Poisons target

[Active] Infect - (1/2 total EP) Turns monster to zombie after 5 turns and is indefinitely confused.

[Active] Torpor - (20 health / Max Health) Enter a deep sleep that furthers your Zombie powers. When you awake, health and Max health have dropped from decay, but your other abilities are stronger.

[Active] Wretch - (2 health) Projectile vomit deals moderate damage to a target and creates an acid pool

[Passive] Explosive Organs - (0 Health) On death, you violently explode, dealing 250 damage to everything onscreen

[Passive] Diseased Claw - Basic Melee Attack causes poison and greatly reduces target armor

[Active] Feed them - Throw a part of yourself as bait. Animals will fall deathly ill when ingested.

[Passive] Str+ - Adds improved strength.

[Passive] Gastric Acid - Hunger is slowed and Thrown Guts adds acid debuff


Concept: Raise undead hordes, sacrifice your own HP to cast spells, send items to your dark lord (apparently not satan) in exchange for stronger minions. Has a permanent "Minion XP bar" on the UI.

[Basic Attack] None.

[Active] (First tier) (1/12 EP, 1/12 HP) Death Bolt - Deals 4-20 damage to a single target, damaging you a bit in the process.

[Active] (First tier)(100% EP, 70% HP) Raise Minions - Turn an on-screen corpse into Skeletal Minions (Skeletons) who stay with you permanently unless they are killed. Use with caution. Minion health/damage is increased every time MINION XP reaches a new level.

[Active] (1/2 EP, Health to 20% of max) Touch - Deal 80% of your max HP in damage to a single monster.

[Active] (1/4 EP, 1/8 HP) Vampiric Rain - a 3x3 plus-sign shape of dark red explosions that, if they hit a target, deal 4-18 damage to each monster it hits. At the same time, the spell heals you for 1/16th total HP per hit.

[Active] (1/8 EP, 1/10 HP) Offering - Offer an item to the gods of necromancy. If they accept it, you will be rewarded with a small amount of MINION XP. 5% chance to not accept the item, and bring you to 1 health point.

[Active] (1/3 EP, 1/10 HP) Summon Phantom - Summon a Phantom (Ghost recolor), a powerful ranged monster to fight for you for (3+MINIONLEVEL) turns.

[Passive] Eternal - When you die you are brought back to life, but lose one random skill, 10% max HP and 10% max EP.

[Active] (1/5 EP, 1/8 HP) Sacrifice - Select one Dark Minion, consume him for 60% of his current HP which will be transferred to you.