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Overall Sound Direction

Sounds should be short and punchy. They should also be illustrative, or representative, rather than explicit. A good example of this would be sounds in Final Fantasy Tactics or a Link to the Past, where sounds aren't trying to sound realistic necessarily but do convey the spirit of the action taking place.

They should lean slightly towards synthy but can also use some samples, as long as they all fit together and have a simple, short, punchy identity to them.

Think "videogamey". Something around SNES to PSX era.


Normal text means the sound is done and ready to go in the game.

Italics means we have a version of the sound, but it still needs tweaking.

Bold means we don't have the sound at all.

Combat Sounds

Sword swing - This should be a pretty natural and simple sound. the sword does medium damage and is basically your standard weapon. You'll hear a LOT of this sound so it should be something simple. We'll also use this sound for generic swings like punches and maybe other medium sized weapons.

Sword contact - Same with this sound. Keep it simple, still feeling like it's doing damage but not too much

NOTES: The two sword hit sounds we have - 01 is too clangy, and 02 is not impacty enough and feels much too cut off. Sword impact is going to be one of the most commonly heard sounds in the game so it has to be something pretty standard.

Dagger swing - should be a short little 'whiff', very unassuming

Dagger contact - very very close, just needs a TINY bit more ummpf. maybe a hint of a low end hit.

Axe Swing

Axe Contact

Bow Drawing

Bow firing

Arrow contact enemy - a hard, quick sound similar to the dagger contact but with more of a low end smack to it

Arrow contact wall - one of those cartoony "wuddawuddawudda" vibration sounds would be great, with the same low end smack

Wand zap - it's a weak magical attack. We can use the sword swing for its swing sound, but for the actual shot it should be like a magical beam with maybe some sparklyness to it. But still short because you can do it every turn. Might be nice to have a couple variations on the sound for this one.

Wand zap hit - a small magic hit sound - will happen very frequently so needs to be rather subtle and subdued.

Shield Block

Armor lift sound - These next four should all be generic enough to work for all armors/weapons.

Armor drop / equip sound

Weapon lift

Weapon drop / equip sound

Body drop to floor

Crusader death - refer to this animated GIF for reference on this. Blake and Keith will add voice effects.

Crusader death.gif

Fairy death - refer to this animated gif. We'll do voice effects for it.

Fairy death.gif

Door open - A very fast sound, as this occurs instantly.

Door unlocked - a lock unlatching sound

Critical Hit sound - This would play OVER the normal weapon hit sound, similar to how TF2 does it. Just a really powerful POP sound or something to delineate extreme damage being dealt.

Use Stairs - Link to the Past has a good one of these... Something like a rising little pattern of clicks.

GUI Click (Advance) - Just a basic beepy clicky sound would be fine for this. Check any SNES game for references

GUI Click (Go Back) - Same with this but a different tone than the Advance one.

GUI Text print - I love the text reading out sound in final fantasy tactics, use that as a reference. Just one click we need that's super fast that plays every time a letter is displayed, so it ends up sounding like this long crunch. Also maybe make one that sounds like ActRaiser:

Special Ability Sounds


Heal -a quick, rising sound with maybe a heavenly angelic "ahhhh" type sound over it. He's a holy crusader after all.

Holy Fires - a quick flame "Woof" which will play four times in succession

Strife Launch - a charged up sword attack which then launches a beam out from the blade, like Zelda 1 when you have full health

Strife Hit - The sword hitting something

Faith Heal - Basically this can be the heavenly "ahhh" sound followed by the Heal sound effect, as god's finger is coming down and touching you to heal you to full. Should be elaborate!

Faith Hit - Also should be elaborate, god's finger comes down and crushes an enemy. Lots of reverb on a huge impact sound.

Humble - A short tibetan-monkish "hummm" type sound.


Ame-fist Launch - A projectile magical fist that is launched out from the player. Perhaps a "fwoof" punch throw sound with some tinkly crystal sounds around it

Ame-fist Hit

Purify - A really reverberous single ice-crack sound might be good for this.

Magic Crystals - We need a good sized boomy THUD, as a huge 10 foot tall crystal is slamming into the ground. Just one thud, which we'll play repeatedly as crystals land.

Teleport - Think Raiden from Mortal Kombat? Or it could be a quick little synth "wIP!"


Punch - We'll use the sword swing for the swing, but the punch should be the classic "punch" sfx you hear in movies, except more video gamey. You can use a similar sound for this and for Amefyst Hit.

Bite - We still need a basic monster bite sound, just something short simple and illustrative, like the apple bite but pretty quick. will hear it a lot.

Fireball Launch - a fiery Fwoof!

Fireball hit - A small explosion

Explosion - should be quick with two short phases - reference CONTRA for nes. Here's our explosion, if you can match up with that that would be excellent.


Genie Enter/Exit the lamp - A gaseous magical transformation noise. Some hissing etc.

Genie Lamp Clang - just a metallic clang noise


TITLE (Metroidy) (Also used for character select & Options)

INTRO (Beauty and the Beastesque)