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100 Rogues has a simple three stat system, which is added to every time the avatar levels up, based on what the character's class is.

HEALTH – If it reaches 0, you die. Replenishes by .15% every turn.

ENERGY – Used to cast spells. Replenishes by .2 every turn.

DAMAGE: This number is added to your attack damage.


BELLY - How much food is in your tummy. When this runs out, you die.

EVADE - Your overall evasiveness, tallied up from all armors Evade ratings. Evasion is nice because it works against Magic, whereas ARMOR does not.

ARMOR - Combination of all armor's DR into a total Damage Reduction rating. Your ARMOR rating is also used to determine whether a skill will be FIZZLED (fizzled). Magical damage ignores ARMOR.

RESIST - Magic resistance. Basically, ARMOR for magical damage.

BLOCK - Chance to Block. Only comes from equipping shields. This number is twice as high versus RANGED ATTACKS.

FIZZLE - Chance to screw up when using an ability. This is calculated by your total ARMOR plus your total BLOCK (maybe multiplied by .6) or something to soften it a bit.