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NOTE: This story is essentially for the developers, and is only hinted at throughout the game.

The story of 100 Rogues centers around the Highest Councilman of Mine Town. He used to be a councilman on the Royal High Council, the highest of the high councils, until he was brought down by a political scandal. The King, being a forgiving and perhaps weak spirited king, had this councilman transferred to Mine Town, rather than the conventional punishment of execution or imprisonment.

It turned out that this councilman would have probably preferred if it were execution. Mine Town, and particularly Mine Town's high council, alternated between dreadfully boring and maddeningly stupid. In addition, there are roving adventurers in Mine Town known as ROGUES. These are generally outcast-types with extreme personalities, and the councilmen especially hated these, for both their constant demands of quests, and also their complete incompetence in completing them - in fact, he even began telling them to go kill Satan of all things, as a bit of a joke to himself regarding their total uselessness. He hated Mine Town, and he quickly grew to hate the King for this punishment, and began devising a plan.

Mine Town is so desolate and lacking in any intellectual stimulation because the old mine after which the town got its name was emptied of any valuable minerals years ago, and was now a haven for the worst kinds of thugs and criminal gangs. Not to mention that, but there were rumors of the mine leading down towards a frightening haunted dungeon, and even Hell itself. It's said that the evil of the place is what draws so many criminals into its lair.

The Dark Pope however found out that it was true, that there were indeed evil spirits, ancient evil acolytes living deep within the catacombs. They had been training the last known SATAN (wild SATANS used to run in the fields until they were hunted to extinction by religious zealots) for hundreds of years, and were looking for someone to whom they could sell him, as a weapon of mass destruction. He met with them and made a deal - He could use the Satan to overthrow the King.