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Here, I tell what I call "Game Stories" to explain how the game experience works from a player's perspective.


Starting out, Dungeon level 1 (D1), Character Level 1 (C1), starting equipment: Sword, cloth armor, potion.

In the first level, I should be pretty good as long as I don't get surrounded or critted too much, and wait until poison wears off and I heal up a bit to fight if I'm poisoned.

D2, D3

Now I have to deal with Gypsies with their ranged attack and running from me, and I probably dont have Hymnal yet to help me out.

Rats of Conceit mean I'll probably need to use either searing blade or holy flames, or possibly humble, to get through here.

Assassins are tricky, hopefully some good armor or a good shield will help against them.

By the time you see snipers, it would make your life a lot easier to have Hymnal. If not, make sure to rush them and make them your top priority.


Bats will be easier to kill with a bow, or with weapon focus, or preferably, both.

Metal Bandits are immune to magic, so hopefully by this point I have some good straight-up combat stuff (weapon focus, equipment, potions etc) to help me deal with them.

Boss Fight!

There are two basic strategies available here.

Lamp Strategy: The best way to do this as Crusader is stand by the lamp and whack it until you have at least two beetles surrounding you, and cast Holy Fires. This strategy requires some potions or magic items as you'll be needing to heal a lot with all the beetles hitting you. After a few holy flames, the lamp should explode, and then you can take out the genie without fear of additional beetles or the genie healing.

Genie Strategy: Whatever does the most damage, still may be Holy Flames if you're surrounded, just lay into the genie as fast as you can. When he goes into the lamp, don't attack it, just rush back to the telepad to make the genie pop back out, and then repeat until he's dead.

Gold: Gold Beetles often leave behind gold on their corpses. This will disappear once the fight is over, so you'll have to take turns to pick it up. If you're doing very well, it could be worth it, but generally, don't do it.

The Wizard


Keep your distance using your wand. If they get too close, use a spell.

D2, D3

Gypsies should be either Amafisted or teleported up into the face-of, because they will run from you and you can hit them with the wand as they run. It helps to have Aurapoke on them as they are often in groups.

Rats of Conceit are great targets for Amafist.

Assassins should probably be Confused as quickly as possible as they are real killers and probably the biggest threat to the fairy. Keeping a crystal ball behind you is a good strategy to stop the Assassins from teleporting behind you and backstabbing you.

Snipers should be teleported up to and attacked like Gypsies, or if you have it, magic crystalled.


Bats shouldn't be too much of a problem for the Wizard.

Metal Bandits are magic immune. This is a serious problem for the Wizard. This means you either should just summon crystal balls to kill them, wear them down by confusing other monsters, or teleport away from them and just avoid them.

Boss Fight!

Again, there are two basic strategies available here.

Lamp Strategy: A combination of Aurapoke, amafist, and teleport are very useful for this. Amafist the lamp, kill a beetle with aurapoke for more mana, teleport away from the beetles, another amafist, repeat. Then just keep doing that on the Genie once the lamp is gone.

Genie Strategy: If you have Magic Crystals, you can own the genie with it here. If he gets inside the lamp, Teleport to the telepad to get him to come back out.

Gold: Same deal as Crusader, but it is easier to justify teleporting to a tile that has gold on it by also getting out of a surround from them beetles.