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Traps may not even be the best word for this system... they're special strategic tiles that grant tactical ups and downs to the unit standing on them.

These tiles are only located inside rooms (not in hallways).

These tiles will affect

Types of Tiles

  • Bush Tile
+15 to Evade
Only found in Bandit Hole
  • Puddle Tile
-30% Physical Damage output
50% chance to continue sliding in the direction you last moved when you move onto it
Only found in Bandit Hole & Dungeon
  • Loose Tile
Stunned 1 Turn
Only found in Dungeon
  • Trap (looks like a classic bear-trap)
Gives unit one of the following things: 2-6 damage, or a buff for 5 turns: poisoned, blind, confused, stunned.
  • Hole
Sends player to the next level immediately
Hidden trap (Doesn't visually appear before you walk onto it)